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G. Lalo notebooks

G. Lalo notebooks

The exciting history of the brand dates back to 1761. Caspar Faber, a carpenter by trade, began to make pencils and sell them on the market in Nuremberg, Germany. His son Anton Wilhelm converted the pencil workshop into a modern factory near Stein. This is still the company’s headquarters today. His son Georg Leonhard was responsible for the company’s continued existence in a difficult political and economic environment.

In 1839, Caspar’s great-grandson Lothar Faber, at the age of 22, contributed to the international development of the company with his determination and business skills. His intelligence and creativity enabled him to develop innovative techniques of great modernity. The criteria and characteristics he had defined are still used today by specialists in the field.

G. Lalo notebooks

After travelling the world, he developed his company in the United States, then in London and Paris as well as in several German cities. He acquired a graphite mine in Siberia, whose exceptional quality of the material further enhanced the brand’s reputation. On the strength of his success, the imitations of the competition exploded. He therefore lobbied for the creation of a law for the protection of trademarks in Germany. Thanks to the mobilisation of his supporters, the law is passed in his favour.

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