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Montegrappa inks

Montegrappa inks

In 1912, Heinrich Helm and Alessandro Marzotto founded the first Italian fountain pen factory.

The bell tower of the Casa Erizzo private church inspired the creation of one of their first models in 1915, the Reminiscence. Its octagonal silhouette is still recognisable today and is a hallmark of the brand, as is the rotating ballpoint clasp that was created later and is found on most models.

The pieces are mainly made of ebonite or galalith. The latter allowing to make marbled models before the discovery of celluloid in the 1920s. This material, which allowed complete freedom in the creation of coloured models, gave the firm a new lease of life. It took the name of Montegrappa in 1928 and offered colourful, marbled and sparkling models.

A decisive encounter

In 1938, Montegrappa met a stationery merchant. Leopoldo Tullio Aquila, a lover of nibs and beauty in general, built a fruitful relationship with the company’s directors. It has lasted for four generations. His descendant Gianfranco Aquila acquired the company in 1981 and travelled around the world to present the brand. In 2000, the company was taken over by the Richemond group, before being taken over by the Aquila family nine years later. Montegrappa manufactures pieces that are meticulously crafted with an eye for detail.

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