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Platinum inks

Platinum inks

It was in 1919 that Shunichi Nakata established a fountain pen resale business. He is determined to create his own products and is convinced that “success cannot be achieved without effort“. He founded the Nakaya Seisakusho company in 1924 and launched his first fountain pens in Ueno, Tokyo. Pioneering catalogue sales in Japan, he sold them by mail order. In 1925, he created his first models covered with urushi lacquer and patterns made using the maki-e technique.

In 1928, he changed the name of the company to “Platinum Fountain Pen”. He created its logo which represents the earth sphere with his initials “SN” separated by a star. This motif represents his aspiration to become the master of metals and the world’s leading fountain pen manufacturer. In the 1930s and 1940s, the company exported its fountain pens throughout Asia.

In 1952, after the war troubles, Platinum imported a plastic moulding machine from the UK to promote automation. But competition in the fountain pen business was becoming increasingly fierce. In order to stand out from the crowd, all the technical experts pool their knowledge and launch a “10-year pen campaign”. The stainless steel nibs are now equipped with an iridium tip, which ensures their longevity and resistance.

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