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Are you one of those who need to see products in 3 dimensions? Those for whom photos and descriptions are not enough to appreciate a fountain pen?

Do you hesitate between several fountain pens? Would you like to see them in detail and from every angle while sitting quietly on your sofa?

We offer you a private meeting with Fanny to present you, personally and only to you, the products that interest you.

Remotely, by videoconference. More precisely, via the Zoom application.

You will therefore have to register on Zoom from your computer, tablet or mobile. Here is the link:

We will agree on a day and time to meet together, from Monday to Saturday.

Simply fill in the form below. As soon as we receive it, we will contact you by phone to make an appointment.

In principle, only fountain pens in stock at the time of the appointment can be presented to you.

However, we can also show you some models that are not in stock at that time, namely those from our personal collection.

At present, this concerns :

  • the Ukiyos-e Urushi Hokusai from Taccia
  • the Heritage 92 from Pilot
  • the Capless Blue/gold from Pilot
  • the Custom 74 Black from Pilot
  • the two Custom 845 black and red from Pilot
  • the Custom Urushi red from Pilot
  • the two Custom 823 Black and Brown from Pilot
  • the Falcon Burgundy from Pilot
  • the Estie OS Scarlett/Gold from Esterbrook
  • the Kanreki from Sailor
  • the 1911 Demonstrator/Gold from Sailor
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