Nino Marino and Ciro Matrone found Delta Pen Company – Artigiani della scrittura in 1982. Based in Parete, near Naples, they make fountain pens by hand… read more

Delta fountain pens

The story

Nino Marino and Ciro Matrone found Delta Pen Company – Artigiani della scrittura in 1982. Based in Parete near Naples, they produce fountain pens by hand in celluloid and resin. The advantage of celluloid is that it is impact-resistant and allows for an infinite variety of colours. The founders reintroduced the lever filling system invented in 1908 by the American Walter A. Sheaffer.

The Dolce Vita is without doubt Delta’s most emblematic fountain pen. It is made from pearlescent resin in a distinctive bright orange, a colour that has come to be associated with the Italian brand. In 2007, Delta created the series of lucky fountain pens. The models feature a container clip, which the brand has patented. Their clip contains a red pepper made from coral, the pepper being a symbol of good luck in Italy. The Wè AromaTherapy has a vase-like clip containing a cedar wood stick impregnated with essential oils.

The brand is keen to celebrate famous people through its fountain pens. It has created the limited edition Hans Christen Andersen and the Giacomo Puccini.

For its 25th anniversary, it has designed a series of fountain pens, the 25th Anniversary Edition. Between 25 and 250 fountain pens are produced in each colour. They all feature a filigree in either gold or silver, solid as it should be.

The end of a story?

In 2017, Delta production ceased and Nino Marino founded the Maiora Pen Company 1 year later. The Maiora Pen Company acquired the Delta Pen Company in 2022, bringing about the long-awaited return of Delta by the brand lovers.

To celebrate its grand return, it created a fountain pen in a limited edition of 399 unique pieces: the 39+1 Anniversary, so named because it appeared 40 years after the birth of Delta. A highly original design combined with a patented innovation (write balance) and high-quality materials make the 39+1 Anniversary a luxurious model.

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