In 2018, Nino Marino founds the Maiora Pen Company and buys in 2022 the Delta Pen Company, which had closed in 2017 and of which he was co-founderread more

Maiora Fountain pens


In 2018, Nino Marino founds the Maiora Pen Company. In 2022, he buys the Delta Pen Company, which had closed in 2017 and of which he was co-founder. His new company offers 4 brands:

  • Maiora, an experimental brand: fountain pens with new shapes such as the Golden Age collection
  • Delta, a classic brand: very classic Italian writing instruments
  • Nettuno 1911, a vintage brand: it reproduces all the beautiful Nettunos of the glorious past
  • Nino Marino Signature, a brand of excellence: top-of-the-range fountain pens made in only a few pieces worldwide.

With over 40 years’ experience in fountain pen design, Nino Marino has always remained true to his philosophy. The company chooses the highest standards, uses top-quality materials and controls every aspect of the manufacturing process. To the delight of fountain pen enthusiasts and collectors, who are increasingly demanding and sensitive to handmade products.

Nino Marino works with highly skilled craftsmen who use manufacturing techniques and know-how handed down from generation to generation. Experience, passion and enthusiasm are the assets he wishes to make available to those who love the brand.

He was named “Commendatore” of the Italian Republic, an award for his concrete contribution to spreading Italian excellence throughout the world.

In 2017, Delta production ceased and Nino Marino founded the Maiora Pen Company 1 year later. It acquired the Delta Pen Company in 2022. And Delta’s long-awaited return to the market. To celebrate its comeback, it created a limited edition fountain pen in a limited edition of 399 unique pieces: the 39+1 Anniversary, so named because it appeared 40 years after the birth of Delta. 

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