The Taccia Pen Company was founded in 2003 by Japanese Shu-jen Lin. Her belief… read more

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The Taccia Pen Company was founded in 2003 by Japanese Shu-jen Lin. Her ambition: to create elegant fountain pens, made from high quality, yet affordable. In line with her beliefs and for an extraordinary writing experience, Taccia chooses to have its nibs made by Sailor.

Taccia strives to design fountain pens to be used on all occasions and in all environments. For both men and women, regardless of age.

The fountain pen cases are breathtakingly aesthetic. Made of silk, the patterns are inspired by traditional Japanese dresses. When elegance, softness and refinement meet the sublime…


A distinction must be made between Japanese and European/American nibs. For the same line thickness given by the manufacturers (e.g. F), Japanese nibs will be thinner than European/American nibs. Thus, an F nib from Sailor (Japanese nib) will correspond to an EF nib from Jowo (German nib).
Stub: a nib with a wider than high point that allows you to make thick vertical strokes and thin horizontal strokes, more commonly known as full and loose.
IT (Italic): has the same characteristics as the Stub, but its flattened tip and angular ends will provide less flexibility in writing. It is used in calligraphy. However, it is less convenient for everyday writing, as it is advisable not to write too quickly so as not to tear the paper. The “cursive italic” variant will have the edges of its point slightly rounded (not as much as the Stub, however) to avoid this pitfall.
MS (Music): Stub nib with two slots (except for Sailor), the parts of the tip of which open out sharply depending on the pressure applied to allow a greater flow of ink.

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