Fountain pens for beginners




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Fountain pens for beginners

Would you like to (re)discover the pleasure of writing with…. read more

Would you like to (re)discover the pleasure of writing with a fountain pen? Are you a beginner and, faced with such a vast choice, you don’t know which fountain pen to choose? We have a range of models with all the features you need to start writing with a fountain pen.

If you’re looking for a model you can’t find on our site, just ask us and we’ll order it for you!

We’re also here to help if you need advice or information. You can reach us by phone on +33 679 90 85 50, by chat or by e-mail: [email protected].

We look forward to being in contact with you ;)

Fountain pens for beginners

The exciting history of the brand dates back to 1761. Caspar Faber, a carpenter by trade, began to make pencils and sell them on the market in Nuremberg, Germany.

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