About us

About us

We are first and foremost enthusiasts. Passionate about writing, quality paper and ink and, above all, passionate about this beautiful object that might seem obsolete in the age of computers and tablets, but which many still use. We are of course referring to the fountain pen. A beautiful object that we have decided to rehabilitate, promote and market. About us

But why embark on such an adventure when, many years ago, a host of experts had already prophesied the inevitable decline of the fountain pen, or even its disappearance? Do you remember those other experts who, a long time ago, also announced the definitive disappearance of vinyl, which was also going to be replaced by the compact disc, adorned, as it should be, with a thousand virtues? And then one day, music lovers rediscovered the incredible sound of vinyl. It made such an impression on them that they began to abandon other media. The shelves of vinyl records began to grow and expand like never before, turntable manufacturers multiplied and understood that there was a market waiting for them. And they were right. Since then, the phenomenon has only grown.

In this adventure, the objective we have set ourselves is to rehabilitate the fountain pen. Surprising as it may seem, we quickly realised that not only was the object not as familiar as one might have thought – especially for the younger generation – but that it was also marked by all sorts of prejudices. The reason why the vinyl record managed to regain its credentials and appeal to so many people was that everyone was quick to notice the fundamental difference between analogue (vinyl) and digital, not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of warmth and authenticity.

Typing text from the keys on your computer or touching the virtual screen of your tablet or smartphone with your fingertips and using a fountain pen is just as different, especially in terms of pleasure and feeling. What you feel when you hold your fountain pen in your hand and start using it is nothing like what you feel when you use a keyboard. The pleasure of using a pen and playing with the variations in incidence and pressure is also a feeling that computers will never be able to provide for those who use them. 

But how is it possible to rehabilitate this object, especially when it is presented on a site where, by definition, it is impossible to try it? The answer is simple: by talking to a specialist who is not a simple salesman in the strict sense of the term, but a passionate user of the object and everything associated with it, and who will thus be able to answer all the questions you have and will be able to put himself in your shoes very quickly. They will be able to help you if you have any doubts about the choice of a model or if you would like to obtain additional information.

This advisor can also work with you to find solutions to certain problems you may be facing. They can advise you on the type of fountain pen that might be suitable for you (if you are a beginner, for example), depending on your purpose and wishes. Or, if you are already a user – or even an experienced user – on which type of nib and how it would react in real life, on the different types of materials that might interest you, etc.

A fountain pen is not just about writing – although that is often why you buy one – but also about the material, the nib, and even the technique inherent in the object itself. We are also private collectors with over two decades of experience and a great knowledge of fountain pens.

In addition, all the products we offer on our site have a detailed description created and written by our expert. This will be very helpful when choosing and comparing products, depending on what you are looking for.

We are looking forward to being in contact with you and exchanging about our common passion and we are also very happy that you have decided to visit our site.

See you soon,

Fanny, Marie, Lola, Arthur

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