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Lamy inks

Lamy inks

Originality, innovation and timelessness are the three words that come to mind when one thinks of the German brand. Its founder has always shown imagination in the creation of his pieces, both in terms of technique and design.

It all began in 1930 when C. Josef Lamy, then aged 30, founded the Orthos Füllfederhalter-Fabrik. This, after leaving his job as export manager at Parker. He filed his first patent for a piston system, which launched the brand. Then he changed the company name to C. Josef Lamy GmbH in 1948. Further patents for completely innovative pens were filed later.

His son Manfred took over the company in 1962. With a degree in economics, he focused his strategy on strong marketing and on the design of the pieces. He also endowed with the same creative talent as his father. It must be said that he knew how to surround himself with internationally renowned designers such as the Germans Gerd A. Müller, Wolfgang Fabian, Richard Sapper and the Swiss Franco Clivio.

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