Our expertise at your service

Our expertise at your service

Who are we? We are a team of enthusiasts and connoisseurs of the world of writing, especially fountain pens, which remain our favourite object. We are also experienced collectors. We know fountain pens extremely well, we use them daily, we test them in situ. And, of course, we have a real passion for them.

Our added value? We are not just salesmen in the classical sense of the word, we provide expertise. Our expert will also be able to provide you with his own expertise and all the results of his experience in the field. He will also be able to provide you with a number of indications that are only known through use and practice.

Our aim and ambition? Our ambition is to rehabilitate the fountain pen, to make it known, to make it loved and to extract it from the prejudices which still persist concerning it. Our aim is that you should be happy to own an object that is like you, and therefore unique, an object that you can continue to use with pleasure every day of your life.

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Our customers? Whatever your relationship with a fountain pen, whether you are a novice or an experienced or even seasoned user, you will receive exceptional service. The testimonials of those who put their trust in us illustrate our professionalism. You can read them on our website.

Our plus? In addition to its technical characteristics, each fountain pen has a detailed, personalised description, which we have produced, together with the expert’s opinion. Our expertise at your service is valuable.

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